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UNI 20 & 25 / PLUS

A compact, small-sized, pellet boiler with an abundance of equipment. PLUS version is delivered with a pre-installed 10-liter expansion vessel, circulating pump, and jiggle valve, and all versions have flue gas pressure switch, mechanical safety valve and equipment for semi-automatic cleaning. It is small enough to even fit into subsidiary residential and business spaces. Pouring […]

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Ecoflame Plus

First compact boiler on pellets with a revolutionary volcano-like furnace. A new model combines the most modern solutions which make the degree of energy utilization reach a value of over 92% making it the leader in its class and the best in terms value-for-money. Premium technology in a very small package makes this boiler perfect […]

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ECO Comfort

Proudly the top-selling model is the boiler originated from the perennial research as well as from meticulous listening users’ reviews and demands of the market itself. Perennial adjustments and improvements created a next-generation pellet boiler. An innovative volcano-like furnace with a strictly controlled pellet supply gives premium results in terms of combustion efficiency of over […]

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