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Characteristics of TKAN boilers easily justify the status of the most wanted ones on the regional market. Although made primarily for pellet combustion, these boilers belong to extraordinary and combined ones because, without any preparations or difficulties, can also combust wood for longer periods of time.

The innovative volcanic furnace into which pellets are supplied from underneath provides excellent reliability during the operation and safe maintenance for longer periods of time. The so-called, self-cleaning effect is granted by the spring-up furnace which mechanically properly distributes combustion remains by flame, and therefore significantly extends the period between regular and thorough cleanings.

Besides, automatic commands and extraordinary large silo capacity ensure very long autonomy of operation. The determined degree of automatic control is possible even when only stoking with wood.

When using pellets, except for the very high degree of utilization, a significantly low degree of harmful gasses emission is achieved so the TKAN boilers meet even the strictest European criteria, in terms of energy efficiency as well as in preserving the environment.

Robustly made of endurable grey cast iron and quality 5mm thick steel, TKAN finds its use even in the most demanding objects and heating systems.

Boilers in this series are made in two power variants TKAN 1 (from 20 to 35kW) and TKAN 2 (from 40 to 49.5kW), so there is no object for which this series isn’t intended.