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Pyrolytic boiler PK18

Pyrolytic boiler PK18 is at the very top of the world’s technological innovations among boilers. Pyrolisis, as a solid fuel combustion process, is gradually becoming a standard in countries that meticulously pay attention to energy efficiency and preservation of the environment. Because of that, this boiler is our kind of trip to the future and an equal competitor on the prestigious world market of green technologies.

We are dealing with a revolutionary combustion principle during which the reverse flame, directed downward by the fans, assisted by the secondary air and installed lambda probe achieves the highest possible degree of utilization with solid fuel. Because of that, this boiler achieves and meets the strictest conditions for energy efficiency class A+.

The lower chamber in which the combustion takes place is made of ceramics due to extremely high temperatures created in the process. Due to the same reason, these boilers must be equipped with heat accumulation tanks because it isn’t immediately possible to utilize all the energy acquired in this process and that is how the highest fuel and thermal energy utilization efficiency is achieved.

The most prestigious European markets have already recognized this boiler as the solution which offers a great balance of price, respect for strict regulations, and need for efficiency and comfort while using.

Already installed automatic controls regulate the hydraulic system devices: boiler pump, mixing valve, and pump connected to accumulation controlled by the sensors for minimum and maximum temperature, first heating cycle, and sanitary water pump. In a wide range of equipment, we offer a room thermoregulator, a Wi-Fi module, a remote control application, an outdoor temperature sensor, and other numerous details that ensure a maximum degree of automatization while using.

The sophisticated manufacture and combustion technologies also demand strict respect for conditions, in terms of quality of wood as a fuel, but, in that way, emission of harmful gasses and dust is measured in microscopic values that it meets the strongest European regulations in this domain (EN303-5).