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K Series

The basic platform of the already iconic K generation is this triple draught boiler.

Characterized by so-called lower combustion with vertical exchangers which enable more complex gas routes and, therefore, a higher usage percentage of produced energy.

It is intended for wood combustion therefore achieving a very high utilization percentage of over 80%.

By following the instruction manuals, coal can be used, but with all permanently burning boilers, the user must pay attention to the manner of loading.

Extremely good results are achieved by combined stoking, mixing wood, and coal.

Made of quality 5mm thick sheets and having a robust finish, it is intended as a permanent heating solution for objects that use traditional fuels.

In the back of the furnace, refractory bricks made of accumulating chamotte are laid enabling prolonged energy saving of and a shorter timeframe to reach desired temperatures when padding is repeated.

Boilers from this line are made in series from 18 to 40kW which makes them a possible solution for the greatest number of demands even the diverse ones in homes. A large fuel container provides all-day use of the boiler with only one to two recharges.