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FK series

Based on a proven quality platform K, this boiler comes with a set of modernized solutions in terms of combustion and a significantly improved degree of utilization which reaches 90%.

In comparison to its celebrated predecessor, in which the combustion air was exploited from natural chimney draught, the FK boiler in its back has a centrifugal fan for supplying air which mostly contributed to the increase of the degree of utilization (in combustion) to the highest level.

Exchanger surfaces are also adjusted, so this boiler has a furnace with so-called upper combustion making it a great choice for combusting coal without any limitations. What adorns the entire K series, however, is the unchanged fact that the mixture or only wood can be stoked without any issues.

A higher degree of handling the combustion process has introduced the possibility of automatization and adding extra equipment, such as room thermoregulator to increase comfort during the operation.

FK is, therefore, a modern boiler that uses traditional solid fuel and has a robust look which only justifies its elementary purpose of ensuring continual heating with minimum care and maintenance.