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Etaž C25

Etaz C25 is a steel hot water boiler on solid fuel intended for heating as well as for cooking and roasting food. The total thermal output is 25kW, while radiators and other heat exchangers give a maximum output of 17-18kW and the remaining amount of power is emitted through the hob and stove in the room with Etaz C25. The cauldron is made of 5mm thick boiler sheets with big holes for stoking and 28l of water can fit inside.

The stove volume is 52l. Gratings are made of 25mm thick, cast gray iron and it is possible to put to align them in two positions. The upper position is for so-called summer mode, but in those conditions, we also recommend sanitary water consumers. The chimney connector is 145mm/inch in diameter and each connection to a Scheidel chimney of lesser diameter or to a brick chimney puts the normal operation of the boiler at risk.

Speaking of the place where it’s connected to the chimney, the boiler can be left and right. Among standard equipment, there is a special air regulation device for residential boilers. Each boiler offers the possibility to install thermal safety by draining which is recommended when ETAZ C25 operates in a sealed heating system.