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EK Smart

Created using verified, good and, in practice, proven platform of its Classic predecessor, EK Smart is a modern block-boiler intended for the central heating systems.

Controlling can be completely automatized and entrusted to the app which is aided by the Wi-Fi module to ensure access to the heating system from every place on the planet.

Silent operation mode and a small compact case make the installation possible almost everywhere, even in the residential space for which it’s intended.

The boiler comes equipped with all necessary components required for a direct connection to thermal and electrical installation: three-level regulation thermostat, safety thermostat, safety low-pressure switch, circulating pump, safety valve, thermanometer, 10-liter expansion vessel, safety assembly for connection to the electrical network. Practically, it’s a mini boiler room ready for installation and use.

The initiation of heaters, pump, and the three-way valve is done by the controller assigned to maximally optimize the operation of that device, and a three-level thermoregulator and power regulation feature, in small steps, enable accurate and economical energy use.

The boiler can be installed as an integral part of the heating system, condo/residential heating, hybrid and accumulation systems. It is manufactured in a very wide power range from 6kW to 27kW, while boiler of a lesser power (up to 9kW) can be single-phase which significantly expands their scope of applicability and last-generation stainless steel heaters ensure reliability for long periods of use.