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EK Smart Plus

The most modern and improved version of a celebrated electric boiler intended to be installed to condo/residential heating systems, hybrid and accumulation systems. Considering that it is equipped with all necessary components required for a direct connection to thermal and electrical installation, it represents a compact solution to the entire boiler room.

It has a safety thermoregulator, minimum and maximum pressure sensor, low-pressure safety switch, circulating pump, safety valve, 10-liter expansion vessel, safety assembly for connection to the electrical network, practically everything necessary for installation, and use.

There is also a modern mobile application that uses the Wi-Fi module and lets you initiate and shut down the system from any place you like.

Silent operation mode and a small compact case enable easy installation and use even in the most demanding conditions of limited space. Heaters, pumps, and a three-way valve are initiated by the controller assigned to maximally optimize the device’s operation, which also regulates power in small steps, and equal time engagement of the heaters enables accurate and economical energy use.

It is made in a wide range of powers from 6 to 27kW, while boilers of lesser powers (up to 9kW) can be single-phase which significantly expands their applicability.

Last generation, stainless steel heaters Insoloy 800 and highly efficient electric pump ensure reliability over long-term use, meeting all strict European criteria in terms of energy efficiency, safety at work, and safety for the environment.