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EK Classic

Electric boiler EK Classic is a modern block boiler intended for central heating systems. Multi-level heaters are powered on by soundless contractors and there isn’t any noise while working, so the boiler can be installed in the residential space itself.

Equipped with a safety assembly that ensures complete safety at work. Three-level regulation thermostat gives a choice between three rates of power input which allows the user maximum comfort plus minimum consumption.

The boiler can be installed as an integral part of the heating system, condo-residential, but of hybrid and accumulation systems as well. Boilers of lesser powers can be single-phased which significantly expands their applicability. Heaters are made of stainless and long-term, so the boiler can be installed in systems that require necessary thermal fluids. The controlling principle is electromechanical.

The boiler comes in a package with all necessary components for a direct connection to thermal and electrical installation: three-level regulation thermostat, safety thermostat, low-pressure safety switch, circulating pumps, safety valve, thermal manometer, 10-liter expansion vessel, safety assembly for a connection to the electrical network. Practically, it’s a mini boiler room ready for installation and use.