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Cuba 15 & 20

The name itself says enough about our latest fireplace. Cozy warmth and balanced temperature in an entire room are the most pleasant associations to the name CUBA. If we add to that a visible flame that emphasizes a friendly yet hot temperament, then you will have no doubts about what you will bring into your home by buying this fireplace. Don’t forget that useful things can be beautiful too. Multiyear aesthetic upgrades made this fireplace desirable in a space that radiates a segment of accumulated energy.

A compact model already includes necessary equipment, therefore it is very easy and fast to install into a hot water system, and you don’t need to overload your warm place with additional installations. Everything is already here, a 10-liter expansion vessel, circulation pump, safety and air venting valve, flue gas pressure switch, and semi-automatic cleaning equipment.

Throughout the rest of the heated space, it is only necessary to use hot water and heating bodies in accordance with the fireplace’s power you decide.

In use, if appropriate pellets are chosen it is proved to be an economical source of enormous heat which can compete with the most economical models on the Western European markets where it proved itself by meeting all including the most demanding technological standards and environment preservation standards.