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BIOmax PRO 30

The boiler which conquered numerous European markets already holds the throne among the top-selling models. It originated from the perennial research and from experience in making and leads in the smart boiler series of this manufacturer.

Tests in numerous prestigious worldwide laboratories, as well as in practice render extraordinary utilization performances. The degree of utilization goes over 92% and extremely low emission of harmful gases meet the strictest European norm V, therefore putting the boiler among the best and the most wanted ones in its class.

Almost every stage of the process is automatized and controlled. Especially vital is the automatic cleaning of the exchanger and furnace which is done without contact and with installed engine engines that initiate installed turbulators.

If we add a very big silo of up to 155kg and the possibility to set up a lambda probe which determines the combustion process with perfect accuracy, we get the utmost trusted boiler in terms of operational independence, safety, savings, and preservation of the environment.

An extremely robust look is justified by the highest quality materials which guarantee a very long lifetime of care-free utilization.

Equipped with the Wi-Fi controller, available as a part of additional equipment, this boiler becomes controllable from every place in the world by the clear interface on your mobile device.