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BIOlux 14 & 20

Everything that adorns the BIOlux boiler series can be found in fireplaces from this line. So, small dimensions and an abundance of preinstalled equipment inside the compact body. As well as for the majority of fireplaces, BIOlux is made to deliver an energy portion into the room where it is located, plus there is a glass to enrich every space with the visible flame.

Space aesthetics are complemented by the exquisite design, but with the fact that there is no necessary additional equipment to be installed around the fireplace or in the room itself. Because of that, the fireplace itself has the preinstalled 10-liter expansion vessel, circulating pump, safety and jiggling valve, flue gas pressure switch, and the equipment for semi-automatic cleaning. Everything is there!

From the fireplace itself, only a system of additional hot water heating bodies for other rooms is distributed, and, according to that, you choose available power from these two models. By choosing quality pellets as a fuel for these fireplaces you will ensure reliability during the operation, simple maintenance, plus you will get an ally in terms of savings.

We also thought about your specific demands and, because of that, fireplaces are available in various colors to match it with your space and the need to brighten up during dreary months.