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Accumulation tank for heating water

According to perennial experiences in projecting and installing central heating as well as to acquired knowledge of making solid fuel boilers, we recommend the installation of an accumulation tank for heating water AK to individual heating systems in conjunction with all boilers from our production program. An especially good accumulation effect is with the FK series which has forced combustion with a centrifugal fan. PK series boilers that combust wood on the pyrolysis principle are unable to operate without installing the accumulation of hot water for heating.

On offer, we have the following accumulating tanks for heating:
- accumulating tanks for heating AK
- accumulating tanks for heating with pipe-shaped exchanger for solar heating - AKS (S stands for spiral)
- accumulating tanks for heating with enamelled boiler for sanitary water - AKB (B stands for boiler)
- accumulating tanks for heating with pipe-shaped exchanger and enamelled boiler - AKBS (BS stands for boiler and spiral, respectively)

The main reasons for the utilization of hot water accumulation are:
- Better fuel usage, that is energy savings. It gives us the possibility for the boiler to operate at higher temperature modes with better usage and to, simultaneously, accumulate extra energy that doesn’t go to waste in radiators.
- Longer boiler lifetime. While the boiler is working at higher regimes, it is impossible to result in condensation which has a direct positive impact on its long lifetime.
- Lesser amount of stoking per day. Depending on the size of accumulation, it is possible to achieve heating for several hours or days just for one stoking.
- Better energy distribution. If there are multiple heating cycles, it allows well-balanced distribution of heating water to each part of the installation which should be supported by the corresponding automatic controls.
- Collecting multiple energy sources. By using the exchanger, we easily collect energy gained from solar collectors, solid fuel boilers, liquid fuel boilers or gas-fired boilers as well as from electrical boiler.
- Simplified production of sanitary water. It enables controlling the operation of a solid fuel boiler and, therefore greatly enhances the production of sanitary water.

Characteristics of accumulation tank for heating water - AK
The structure of AK accumulation vessels is made from construction steel and sphere-shaped ___, welded automatically so that it endures operational pressures and examination pressure of 5 bars.
Isolation properties of the vessel allow minimal energy losses into the surrounding space and those values are around 0.3℃ per hour. The recommended quantity of water per kilowatt of boiler power is 30-40l.

AK boiler series is made in sizes spanning from 500l to 5000l and, if the user needs a larger amount of water, it is affordable to combine two vessels.

On the top of the vessel, there is a safety connection plug-in, while for the multiple heat cycles or for connecting multiple vessels there are eight plug-ins of 6/4 Zoll (inch). There are four ½ Zoll (inch) plug-ins used for probes of the corresponding automatic devices or for thermometers.