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In business terms, Radjator Inženjering D.O.O. is a legal successor of a craftsman shop Radijator founded in 1991 whose main service has been the installation and maintenance of central heating up to this day. We made the first hot water boiler on solid fuel in 1985.

The company, as it is today, has existed since 2002 and has been taking huge steps as the years went by always tending to be the first in the use of new technologies, product quality, and conquering new - European markets. As we have been expanding and improving production, we have reached the point of making boilers by using the latest technologies. From the domain of sheet metal cutting, the following processes stand out: laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting process, and CNC punching. The process of welding is done by the machine (robot) as well as automatically. The greatest indicator of product and service quality is the fact that production increases annually.

Today, Radjator Inženjering employs over 350 employees including 40 Bachelors with Honours in Mechanical Engineering who constantly work on improving product quality.

Assured constancy of product quality as well as of the company’s business practices was confirmed by the acquisition of system quality certificate ISO 9001:2008.