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A regional leader in the production of boilers and heating systems

A dedicated team

The company is people, the ones dedicated to satisfaction of a final user and the demands of a modern market!

Honest partners

We are trying not to fail even the highest expectations and have been building trust over the years!

Global business practice

From a family company to thousands of boilers on a world-wide market in 30 years

Focused on innovations

We are aware that only innovations create spaces that only others later try to conquer

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From an idea to a satisfied user

Research & analysis

Everything begins with research and thorough planning. We listen to the market needs and end-users’ needs, but frequently think instead of them how to offer something NEW!

Creative solutions

We dedicate special attention to the innovativeness because it isn’t sufficient just to offer a solution. Contemporary solutions are those which provide answers to questions from the future.


Even the ingenious ideas fall short unless there is no one to put them into action! So, we have given the greatest attention to details in production and investment in the most modern technology!

Satisfied buyers

Everything we do is dedicated to buyers’ satisfaction upon whom each segment of our business depends and, due to that, our basic motto is QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE


Production processes

Heating systems installation

Apart from a wide support network and partners who install our boilers in a great number of countries, developing an expert team to project and install heating systems to work on the most requiring tasks even when the job demands special accuracy and responsibility turned out quite useful.

Sheet metal cutting

Financing serial production of the highest accuracy initiated great investments in the most modern sheet metal cutting and bending equipment with small or no time consumption in the final finish and creating the final product. In that way, except for the demand of the products themselves, we drew a lot of interest in the flawless material processing market.


One of the most sensitive processes in ferrous metallurgy is the welding process which we, according to the competitive makers, brought to perfection. It is based on the accuracy which is provided exclusively by computers and computer-controlled machines in combination with the finest sense of the material that only the top professionals have.